Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Every translation is tailor-made by human translators to meet your specific deadline and requirements. The final cost will depend on various factors all combined together, as described below:

— Unit

Translation cost of written text in any form is calculated by words of the original text. We will propose to you a unit price, i.e. per word. This is the most equitable way to put a price on your document so you don’t pay for half pages as whole pages, or for small lines as full length lines, etc.

Please note that in some cases, if your document is a hard copy, final cost will be calculated by words of the translated document.

In cases of big projects, we will offer you a discount on the final pricing.

— Deadline

Upon receipt of your document and evaluation of its size, we will suggest to you a delivery date. our suggested rate for your project depends on the deadline. If you need an urgent delivery for a rush job, a higher rate will be charged. Rest assured that we can meet any deadline.

— Language

This means all the languages from and into which you wish your project to be translated. Each pair of languages is a language combination. Each language might have a different rate per word.

— Specialization

Translation is a complex intellectual procedure having many steps: translation, editing, proofreading, quality check, terminology check, consistency check, web check and more.

The more specialized your documents are, the more specialized skills are needed. Highly specialized documents will also require further specific quality checks. This will affect pricing too.

— Advance payment

In most cases, a 30% advance payment is required from you to confirm a project.

— Special offers

We offer discounts to European Youth Card holders & to the unemployed.

— Quote Request

The best way to learn how much the cost of your translation will be is to contact us directly or use our online wizard to send us your documents for a quote.