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Translation of Medical Texts



The field of medical and pharmaceutical translation requires accuracy, keeping up to date and maintaining familiarity with the subject.

Our translations are carried out by qualified doctors and medical translators, who hold a  university degree in translation and/or in medical and pharmaceutical studies.

Our services include all text processing stages, such as translation, proofreading and text editing, pagination, as well as quality control of the final translation by doctors, biologists or other scientists, as appropriate, for approval and verification of specialised terminology.

  • Clinical Trials Organisations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Equipment Companies
  • Medical Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Software Companies

In order to ensure the reliability and quality of medical or pharmaceutical translations, translators-editors have at their disposal a variety of specialised dictionaries and terminology databases.

In addition,we maintain personal communication with our clients, during the development of a project to ensure that the terminology and phraseology used meet their needs.


We undertake even the most urgent projects, such as cases of immediate departure for treatment at a medical centre abroad, doctors' correspondence, etc.

  • Medical Examinations & Opinions
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Patents
  • Flowsheets
  • Patient's Medical History
  • Technical Manuals
  • Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPC)
  • Promotional Material & Medical Equipment Software
  • Medical Facility Receipts
  • Master Theses & Medical Books
  • MSDS and FDS

Graduate interpreters excellently trained in medicine and pharmacology offer interpretation at conferences, seminars, conventions, etc. They also accompany you to hospitals, medical centres and clinics abroad.

Read more about interpretation here.


Our properly trained and experienced scientific staff translate and adapt corporate training programmes (e-learning software + training materials) into the desired language.

We also maintain an integrated e-learning system, to organise training seminars in foreign medical terminology for those who work with institutions abroad or for those who wish to prepare for a job abroad.


EL-Translations guarantees the strict confidentiality of medical and personal data by signing a confidentiality agreement with clients who so request.