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Translations of Cosmetology

ISO 17100



EL-Translations provides professional translation and interpretation services in all fields of cosmetology.

We have been specialising in the translation of dermocosmetics and parapharmaceutical products for 20 years, and we are trusted by the largest companies in the industry (Avène, Ducray, Aderma, Klorane, Elancyl, Galenic, Sephora, etc.).

The cosmetics industry is a competitive market, in which product communication to the consumer audience plays an important role.

Proper adaptation of the marketing material to the desired translation language will help your product stand out in the local market. The cultural characteristics of the market you are addressing (ethics, customs, culture, religion, language particularities) are taken into account.

If you want to be sure that your product will excel in the local market, use the Brandcheck service.

Native speakers advise you on the impact of your brandname, packaging , etc. of your product.


The field of cosmetology translations requires accuracy, keeping up to date and maintaining familiarity with fields such as chemistry, biology and, many a time, marketing. For this reason we remain informed and maintain regular  communication with all our clients during the development of a project to ensure that the terminology and phraseology used meets their requirements.


Graduate interpreters with excellent training also in& nbsp;cosmetology offer interpreting at conferences, seminars, conventions, etc. They also accompany you to conferences, medical centres and clinics abroad.


Our services include all stages of text processing, such as translation, proofreading, editing, as well as quality control of the final translation by doctors, biologists or other specialised scientists.

  • Instructions for Use
  • Promotional Marketing Material
  • Product Feature Summaries
  • Cosmetic Ingredients, etc.
  • Product Packaging
  • Scientific Studies and Analyses

We undertake even the most urgent projects, such as in cases of immediate departure for treatment at a medical centre abroad, doctors' correspondence, etc.

EL-Translations guarantees the strict confidentiality of medical and personal data by signing a confidentiality agreement with clients who so request.