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Translation Quality Control

ISO 17100 



We implement an integrated quality management system, which ensures the provision of reliable and quality services, as well as increased customer satisfaction:

/ University Level Executives

The company staff, internal executives and external collaborators, are University graduates with specialised studies in translation and/or holders of a relevant postgraduate degree.

/ High-Tech Equipment & Software

The company maintains privately owned facilities that operate using the most modern equipment, aiming to reduce management time and increase productivity.

We keep pace with the evolution of technology in the field of translation, mainly, but also as a rule, and we use the most modern software for translation project management and quality assurance.

/ < em>Lifelong Training of our Staff

We constantly train our staff in the use of new tools through in-company seminars, either in person or by video conference.

/ Continuous Updating 

We have developed partnerships with international organisations and large companies around the world which help us stay always up to date with the new trends and demands of the world market. As a result, we are able to find and suggest quality solutions.

/ Quality in Translation Work

In order to ensure the delivery of reliable translations to our clients, we use specific working methods, we have established multi-stage processes and use advanced tools and software provided by technology.


By adhering to all processing stages, such as language localisation, correction, editing, pagination, & quality control, we ensure an excellent result.

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)
  • Telecommunication Materials
  • Λογισμικά
  • Cosmetic Ingredients, etc.
  • Product Feature Summaries
  • Promotional Marketing Material
  • Instructions for Use
  • Legal translations
  • Gaming translations
  • Dermocosmetics translations
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical translations
  • Defense & Military Equipment translations
  • Administrative Documents, Passports, ID Cards, Civil Status Records
  • Technical Translation
  • Contracts, Private Contracts & Agreements
  • Corporate Agreements, Contracts, Articles of Association
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Promotional Material & Medical Equipment Software
  • System Specifications
  • Scientific Studies and Analyses
  • Advertising Spots
  • Interviews, etc.
  1. For each client, we set up a dedicated team that manages each translation project and monitors its progress from assignment to delivery.
  2. All translations go through 3 stages, which ensure optimal results: translation, editing and quality control.
  3. Throughout the project, we are in constant communication with the client.
  4. After delivery, we are always available for any corrections, queries, etc.