EL-TRANSLATIONS PC is willing to accept confidential information , which is under protection by the terms of this contract and which is to be used for the creation of the project:

The Buyer and EL-TRANSLATIONS PC hereby agree on the following:

1 — Disclosure of Information

The Buyer agrees to make available and EL-TRANSLATIONS PC agrees to receive the confidential information.

2 — Information Privacy


EL-TRANSLATIONS PC agrees not to use the confidential information in any way and for no other purpose than that described above.

2.2. Disclosure

EL-TRANSLATIONS PC agrees to make every possible effort to protect Confidential Information and not disclose it to any third party other than its employees who shall be bound by this Agreement, should the need for such disclosure arise.

2.3 Privacy Protection

EL-TRANSLATIONS PC agrees to take all reasonable measures to protect Confidential Information from public disclosure or possession by unauthorised persons.

3 — Restrictions

The confidential information shall not be considered confidential and EL-TRANSLATIONS PC shall not be obliged to handle it as such, when this information:

  1. Was known to EL-TRANSLATIONS PC before being received by the Buyer
  2. Had become publicly known, but by no fault of EL-TRANSLATIONS PC
  3. Had been produced independently by EL-TRANSLATIONS PC, and without the use of the Buyer’s information
  4. Had come into the possession of EL-TRANSLATIONS PC without breach of this agreement by a third party
  5. There is a state or judicial order to disclose it

4 — Ownership of the Confidential Information

EL-TRANSLATIONS PC agrees that all Confidential Information shall remain the property of the Buyer and that the Buyer may use this information at his discretion and without further obligation to EL-TRANSLATIONS PC. This agreement in no way transfers the rights or intellectual property of the information from the Buyer to EL-TRANSLATIONS PC.

5 — Duration

The terms of this agreement shall remain effective for as long as the Confidential Information remains Confidential.

6 — Effect

This agreement is effective as is for:

  1. the Buyer, his substitutes, associates, employees, and
  2. EL-TRANSLATIONS PC, its substitutes, associates and employees.