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Website - Software Translation

ISO 17100:2015



Internet has enhanced global communication more than ever and it is the most powerful medium in your disposal, in order to offer your services around the world.

Translate your website (wordpress, joomla, magento, opencar, etc.) and your software and expand your business ventures to clients abroad. Help your prospective clients read all the information in their native language.

The process of localisation requires taking into account the cultural characteristics of each country (ethics, customs, culture, religion, peculiarities of each language), whose audience you are addressing.

Before uploading your website or launching your software, we provide a final quality control of the translation by a native speaker of the language in which the translation was conducted.  


With our extensive experience in localisation , we translate your web pages and software into any language you wish, without the need for any additional intervention, either by you or by another specialist.


Our working method involves setting up a special team of translators with university education, & specialised translation studies, and the assignment of a Project Manager for ongoing communication with you.

Using specific softwares, such as SDL Trados Studio and SDL Passolo, and without requiring access to the source files of your website or application, we customise strings, menus, dialogs, bitmaps, icons, etc., delivering to you files of the same type, ready to use, which retain the original structure of the website or software.

Our translators have received university education with specialised studies in translation. We use the most modern translation methods and appropriate software for you to excel in the global market.


Our collaborations so far include, among many others, the following websites: (to German, French & English), (from English to Greek), (to English), (from English to Greek & Dutch), (from English to Russian), etc.